Best Newborn Photographer Midlothian VA

Newborn Photographer, Midlothian, Virginia

Are you looking for the best newborn photographer in Midlothian, Virginia?  I would love to chat with you about scheduling your newborn photoshoot!  Digital Memories by Debbie Koehler has been photographing babies and families for over 12 years and would love the opportunity to photograph your growing family too!

Digital Memories is a mobile newborn photographer which means I bring the newborn studio to you.

When you schedule your newborn photography session, we’ll do lots of planning to make sure you get the pictures you want.

Planning Your Newborn Photoshoot | Midlothian, VA

Once you have a due date, call the studio to schedule your newborn photo shoot.  We will put a tentative date on the calendar for your baby.  This date is not set in stone.  It simply reserves a session for your baby, whenever he or she arrives.

Once your new baby is here, we’ll talk about color choices, clothing, and lots of other fun things to make your newborn photoshoot unique and special.

Ready to reserve your newborn photo shoot?  Contact me and we’ll get things rolling.  I look forward to meeting you!

In the meantime, feel free to scroll through and see some of my newborn portraits.  Aren’t they precious??


Top Ten Tips to Help Your Midlothian Newborn Photography Session Go Smoothly

  • Newborn photography sessions can last anywhere from one to three hours. Please do not schedule any other appointments for your baby on picture day.
  • Sleepy babies are poseable babies. Before your session, give your baby a bath. This will make her comfy and wear her out. Right before I arrive for your session, feed your baby.
  • Dress your baby in a comfortable one-piece outfit that does not go over the baby’s head. Outfits that zip up the front are best.  Also, keep the diaper a little bit looser than normal.  You can even just keep the baby in a diaper and swaddle loosely.
  • Have a Soothie brand pacifier for your session. Even if your baby does not use a pacifier, we may need to introduce one for a short period of time in order to get him to sleep deeply enough to do some of the more complicated poses.
  • Be aware that the room we do the photo session in will need to be HOT. I usually recommend having the temperature around 85 degrees during a newborn portrait session. This keeps the newborn comfortable, even if everyone else is sweating.
  • If we are doing family and sibling shots, we will do these portraits first. After we are done with the siblings, please have someone available who can take the siblings into another room to play for several hours. During the newborn session, it’s important that we have a quiet, stress-free zone of peace for the baby to totally relax.
  • Properly prepare siblings for the portrait session by letting them hold the baby, with assistance. Make holding the baby a big deal. Get excited about it! Tell her “you get to hold the baby now” and make it a fun experience. Make it seem like a special treat. That way she’ll want to do it when we get to that part of the photo session.  Please be aware that some siblings do not find it a treat and are a bit out of sorts about this “new baby thing.” I will do everything I can to get a portrait of the siblings together, but please understand that it is not always possible to do so when you have a younger child who just isn’t cooperative.
  • Poop happens. And that is perfectly fine. Please do not worry about your little one going potty on my props during his naked shots. I’m expecting it. You should too. And everything goes in the wash after a newborn session.
  • I saved the most important instruction for last. Please bring your best energy to your portrait session. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean you need to be energetic. Let’s face it – you’re probably exhausted. What I mean is that you need to bring a calm, peaceful, positive energy to the session.  I’ve been photographing babies for 12 years. It is almost impossible to get baby into a deep, sound sleep if the parents are anxious, nervous, or angry.


Information about Midlothian VA.

Midlothian Virginia is in the suburbs of Richmond, South of the James River.

The Population of Midlothian, Virginia is currently near 68,000.

Fun places to visit in Midlothian, Virginia.

Peak Experiences Midlothian – Indoor Rock climbing gym

Canopy Adventure Park – Zipline and rope course adventures

Windy Hills Sports Complex –  This sports complex in Midlothian offers mini-golf,  batting cages, go-karts, and more.

Some of my favorite parks to visit in Midlothian, Virginia are Robious Landing park and Midlothian Mines Park.


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